Christie Pits Baseball

Intercounty Baseball at Christie Pits Christie Pits for Summer Baseball and Sports Fun Since the Blue Jays are playing Gosh Awful baseball with confiscatory prices for everything at a game including the tickets , my Tennis buddy and I decided to take in a Toronto Maple Leafs Intercounty Baseball game with the Kitchner Rangers at  …

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Toronto Tennis: Don Montgomery Centre

As an avid tennis player one can get withdrawal symptoms during the winter and early Spring months. There are  two conditions. Withdrawal signs in evidence when you start swinging racketless return shots waiting for the subway at Victoria Park. Withdrawal of more than wanted or expected sums of money  to rent time on the various covered …

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Bike Polo in TO

About 20 years ago my brother Greg introduced me to a sport, Ultimate, that was one of the neatest I had seen or played in a long time. I know the Summer and Winter X-Games feature all sorts of great new sports but Ultimate [or Frisbee football] has a simple infrastructure [all you need is …

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Maple Leaf Tar Spot Rot

Now I have done it – spoken the unmentionable. The  Canadian Maple Leaf has been tarred,  tainted, and  tarnished and …. and directly blemished by name => Maple Leaf Tar Spot Rot. What is there – a fungus among us? The Mysterious Rot Spots appearing on Canadian Maples this Fall in TO Well as it …

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